Dolly Fiction

List of Dolly Fiction books with authors and their real names or other pseudonyms if known.

1. The Look Of Love by Margaret Pearce
2.   Broken Promises by Katie Lee
3.   Good Timing by Trisha Trent  
4.   My Type Of Writer by Jaye Francis  (real name Jenny Pausacker)
5.   Who Do You Love? by Marianne Vaughan
6.   I’ve Got A Secret by Mary Forrest
7.   In Too Deep by Linda Hollan   (real name Victoria Roxburgh)
8.   She’s A Rebel by Mary Forrest
9.   Stroke Of Luck by Alice Adams   (real name Merrilee Moss)
10. Summer Escape by Chris Kelson
11. First Impressions by Jaye Francis   (Jenny Pausacker)
12. She’s Got The Beat by Gina Walsh (real name Victoria Roxburgh)
13. Boys Next Door by Trisha Trent
14. You Must Remember This by Katie Lee
15. Designs On You by Jaye Francis  (Jenny Pausacker)
16. Is He For Real? by Suzanne Lennox  (real name Susan Green)
17. My Sister’s Boyfriend by Mary Forrest
18. Hold On Tight by Kerryn Ramsey
19. What’s Wrong With Anna by Lori Delahunty ( Heidi Kendricks)
20. Country Blues by Chris Kelson
21. Making Headlines by Sally Barnes
22. Nobody’s Perfect by Jaye Francis  (Jenny Pausacker)
23. Island Girls by Trisha Trent
24. Snapshots by Peta Minogue
25. Hungry For Love by Alice Adams  (Merrilee Moss)
26. Playing The Game by Gina Walsh  (Victoria Roxburgh)
27. The Beat Of Love by Peta Minogue
28. Tony’s Choice by Lori Delahunty   (Heidi Kendricks)
29. Change Of Heart by Jane Carlson  (real name Jenny Pausacker)
30. California Girl by Jaye Francis  (Jenny Pausacker)
31. Who Said Love Was Easy? by Amanda Graham
32. Christmas Carole by Mary Forrest
33. Making Movies by Linda Hollan  (Victoria Roxburgh)
34. Everything Changes by Gerri Lapin (real name Goldie Alexander)
35. Behind The Scenes by Alice Adams  (Merrilee Moss)
36. I Like Your Style by Trisha Trent
37. Choose Your Partners by Kimberley Gregg (Julia Sykes)
38. The Scandal Sheet by Gina Walsh  (Victoria Roxburgh)
39. Behind The Scenes by Jaye Francis  (Jenny Pausacker)
40. Walking On Air by Sally Barnes
41. Looking After Lacey by Rosa Tomaselli  (Jenny Pausacker)
42. Second Time Lucky by Veronica Lane  (Ruth Matthews)
43. Can I Trust Him? by Lori Delahunty  (Heidi Kendricks)
44. So Hard To Leave You by Suzanne Lennox  (Susan Green)
45. Understanding Jack by Gerri Lapin  (Goldie Alexander)
46. When You’re Pretty by Alison Rhode
47. What’s Normal Anyway? by Allie Melan  (aka Allie & Ali Higson)
48. The Desirable Alien by Sarah Ferber
49. Hot News by Jenna Kinsey  (real name Wendy Jenkins)
50. The Strangest Year by Tegan Thomas  (real name Tegan Bennett)
51. Working It Out by Gerri Lapin  (Goldie Alexander)
52. Best Friends by Alice Adams  (Merrilee Moss)
53. Riding For A Fall by Karen Miller
54. Too Much Love by Gina Walsh  (Victoria Roxburgh)
56. Loving Pen Pals by Trisha Trent
57. Dangerous Games by Lori Delahunty (Heidi Kendricks)
58. Bigger And Better by Mary Forrest
59. Coming Home by Kimberley Gregg  (Julia Sykes)
60. A Chance Worth Taking by Linda Hollan  (Victoria Roxburgh)
61. Sugarloaf Summer by Tracey Morrison
62. Hard Feelings by Veronica Lane  (real name Ruth Matthews)
63. The Last Dance by Gina Waters
64. Breaking Away by Jane Carlson  (Jenny Pausacker)
65. It Takes Two by Linda Hollan  (Victoria Roxburgh)
66. My Secret Guy by Lori Delahunty (Heidi Kendricks)
67. Bad Luck Lindy by Kimberley Gregg  (Julia Sykes)
68. Worst Best Year by Suzanne Lennox  (Susan Green)
69. Rose Loves Nick by Tegan Thomas  (Tegan Bennett)
70. Second Chances by Madeleine Fox
71. Heartbreak City by Jaye Francis  (Jenny Pausacker)
72. Opposites Attract by Phoebe Dalle  (real name Kerryn Ramsey)
73. Someone Special by Lori Delahunty (Heidi Kendricks)
74. Remember The Island by Trisha Trent
75. Drawing Closer by Julie Rogers  (real name R A Watts)
76. Shy Girl by Melinda Houston
77. All The Right Moves by Linda Hollan  (Victoria Roxburgh)
78. Leaving Mikey by Tegan Thomas  (Tegan Bennett)
79. Winner Takes All by Karen Miller
80. In Close Up by Alex Rees  (real name Alexandra Higson)
81. Getting Together by Veronica Lane  (Ruth Matthews)
82. Forget Me Not by Alice Adams  (Merrilee Moss)
83. Watch That Guy by Lori Delahunty  (Heidi Kendricks)
84. Slim Pickings by Gerri Lapin  (Goldie Alexander)
85. Something About Zac by Kimberley Gregg  (Julia Sykes)
86. Love & The Greenhouse Effect by Madeleine Fox
87. Forever Far by Julie Rogers  (R A Watts)
88. Going Places by Tom Williams  (real name Paul Baker)
89. Starting Over by Melinda Houston 
90. Take Another Look by Sara Lander
91. Hot Licks by Gemma Carey  (real name Meredith Costain)
92. Leader Of The Pack by Jane Price
93. With A Little Help by Jaye Francis  (Jenny Pausacker)
94. Nowhere Girl by Gilly Lockwood  (real name Margo Lanagan)
95. Three’s A Crowd by Anne Holmes  (real name Felicity Pulman)
96. The Trouble With Claudia by Kate O’Brien
97. The Summer People by Suzanne Lennox  (Susan Green)
98. Should I Tell? by Trisha Trent
99. A Class Act by Linda Hollan  (Victoria Roxburgh)
100. Casa Mia by Laine Hall  (real name Ruth Starke)
101. Between The Lines by Belinda Kaye  (real name Belinda Ogden)
102. The Warmest Room by Tegan Thomas  (Tegan Bennett)
103. Mistaken Identity by Kimberley Gregg  (Julia Sykes)
104. University Daze by Karen Miller
105. Full Circle by Melinda Houston
106. Life Saver by Phoebe Dalle  (Kerryn Ramsey)
107. A Time To Chose by Lolita Brightman  (real name Laura Budd)
108. Driving On by Lori Delahunty  (Heidi Kendricks)
109. Maybe, Some Day by Jane Price
110. Surfer Girl by Kate O’Brien
111. Chasing Fame by Jane Harrison
112. Hunk For Hire by Laine Hall  (Ruth Starke)
113. Misty Blues by Gilly Lockwood  (Margo Lanagan)
114. Big Brother by Helen McKerral
115. Changes In Attitude by Amanda Kelly  (real name Ann Kelleher)
116. Fizz & Max & Me by Brigid Lowry
117. Summertime Blues by Gemma Carey  (Meredith Costain)
118. Dancing With Rambo by Cass Boyer