Electric High 2 CLOSE HARMONY by Jane Forster Thornton ts

Close Harmony
Jane Foster Thornton

Synopsis:  When Lexi Turner becomes the leadsinger for the popular new band, Electric High, it's a dream come true. But Harrison Hughes' near-fatal motorcycle crash means it'll be months before he can rejoin the group as lead guitarist, and Lexi's afraid the band will fall apart without him.

Then Josh Tobias shows up. Handsome, cool, and super-talented, Josh can play rings around Harrison on the guitar. Lexi thinks Josh may be Electric High's ticket to success - and her ticket to romance. Together they write tender melodies that make Lexi's heart sing.

Everything, in fact, seems to be going Lexi's way. But what will happen when Harrison returns to the band? Will there still be a place for Josh - and Lexi's new love songs?

Series:  Electric High #2
Publishing Details:  Bantam Books. Australia/New Zealand edition. 1985. 152 pages. Softcover.
ISBN: 0553171194
Condition: Moderate cover wear, tilted spine, some storage marks, moderate reading creases. Pages intact & tanned.
Weight:  85 gms without packaging.


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