Paradise Point

Paradise Point series list

Paradise Point was the continuation of the Dolly Fiction series, created as Pan needed to lose the connection with Dolly Magazine. The series was short-lived, however, ending in December 1993 around 10 months after re-launch. As I find more of the series I’ll add to the list here. It goes up to at least 24 as that is the highest number I have found.

1.  Star Struck by Melinda Houston
2.  On The Wildside by Gilly Lockwood  (real name Margo Lanagan)
3.  Mind Games by Laine Hall  (real name Ruth Starke)
4.  My Blue Sea by Belinda Kaye  (real name Belinda Ogden)
5.  Out Of Control by Kate O’Brien
6.  Runaway Girl by Suzanne Lennox  (real name Susan Green)
7.  Falling For Strangers by K D Miller
8.  The Real Thing by Melinda Houston
9.  Elvis My Man by Cass Boyer
10. Too Cool by Majella Brown
11. The Lying Game by Amy Allen
12. Heading For Trouble by Helen McKerral
13. Accidents Never Happen by Lolita Brightman  (real name Laura Bloom)
14. Beach Baby by Melinda Houston
15. JB’s Cafe by Tegan Thomas & Belinda Kaye  (Tegan Bennett & Belinda Ogden)
16. Animal Attraction by Kerryn Ramsey
17. Bad Boys by Kristin McEvoy
18. Me And Romeo by Melinda Houston
19. Cicada Summer by Jaclyn Moriarty
20. Girl Talk by K D Miller
21. Dream On by Kate O’Brien
22. Imperfect Match by Laine Hall  (Ruth Starke)
23. If Looks Could Kill by Chrissie Perry
24. A Guy Like Tyson by Sheree Gleeson